Practical encyclopedia of Asian cuisine - Jacob Bogatin

If you are worried for a long time about the question of what to do with a dried jellyfish, what is called a sea slug and what it is eaten, how to properly store the yu doo and what it is in general, this book is for you. Moreover, if you are interested in things more prosaic, for example, how to store mint, cook rice, chicken, process the root of ginger, or how to properly roast mustard seeds, then this book is for you too, says Jacob Bogatin.

The culinary book "Practical Encyclopedia of Asian Cuisine" was first published in England in 1999.

On the book there is a distinctive mark about the victory at the international competition of culinary books "gourmet" - this is a good sign, says Jacob Bogatin.

The book is not without reason called the encyclopedia, because besides 100 recipes at the very beginning there is a very detailed story about Asian cuisine in general, necessary utensils and knives, ways of cutting and a comprehensive list of authentic products, sauces and even alcohol with visual photos.

One of the main advantages of the book is that almost every recipe is accompanied by step-by-step photos, plus a few phrases about the dish, its history or features.

All recipes are divided into chapters, more precisely to countries - China and Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, Thailand and Myanma, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines and Japan with Korea in the end. In general, the recipes are given almost 100 pages, this is half the book, notes Jacob Bogatin.


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