Jacob Bogatin: Proper nutrition

In the world, there are a vast number of different diets and nutrition systems. Many of them really helpful, but it is worth remembering that all foods are chosen entirely individually. Therefore, do not assume that if the diet has helped others, then it will undoubtedly help you. Another thing is proper nutrition, adherence to the basic rules should be carried out throughout life, and not in a certain period of time. The balanced diet should become a way of life, says Jacob Bogatin.

Keeping a proper diet for weight loss, you can not only maintain your figure in shape but also improve your health and make your life more harmonious. Scientists of many countries have already proved that the human body obeys the laws of thermodynamics. In this regard, the basis of healthy and nutritious nutrition is the principle: the energy value must correspond to the energy expenditure of the organism. But unfortunately, this condition is most often violated. Namely, in connection with this, the consumption of high-calorie products (sugar, potatoes, bread, etc.) is much higher than energy costs, says Jacob Bogatin.

As a consequence, with each year of life, a mass accumulates, which turns into overweight and obesity. Besides, there is a second principle - the chemical composition of substances must necessarily individually meet the physiological needs of the body. According to the rules, at least seventy different ingredients must enter the body every day. They are vital because they are not synthesized in the body. From this appears the following principle of proper nutrition - the maximum variety of food, confirms Jacob Bogatin.


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